“Amy is a very knowledgable, generous and gentle yoga teacher and her classes are energetic and soothing, peaceful and restorative; also she has a wonderful energy about her. No matter what state I’ve arrived in, I always feel better after her class. Amy is careful with those with injuries, offering various ways into the poses. Amy is caring and attentive to the students in her classes, helping with poses, helping with props when injuries require alteration to the pose.”

Julie Pickard, London

“Amy’s classes are very well orchestrated and taught by someone who is highly intuitive, and who possesses a nurturing, mindful and spritual approach. It is like experiencing a mini retreat. I would happily recommend Amy’s classes and tightly honed skills to anyone from a Beginner to more advanced students of yoga and meditation.”

Alison Moitysee, London

“Paolo guided me through meditation and taught me to find a calm place within myself that really helped me and continues to help me find peace every day. He is an incredibly kind and gifted person who serene aura can’t help but rub off on you and you end up feeling happy and peaceful for a long while after seeing him. His modern and relaxed approach to spirituality and religion I found very inspiring and wise.”

Alex Eagle, Fashion Designer, London

“Being from Los Angeles I’ve work with many “healers”, therapists, etc. but I can say that Paolo is truly the only person I have met with no ego whatsoever. Actually embodying what so many others preach. Peace personified! He has such a gifted intuition, which has gently guided me to more truthful conclusions than I can count, profoundly helpful!”

Amy Terry, Los Angeles